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6 Tips for Encouraging Positive Pet Behavior

Whether a dog or cat, pets can be your best friends, and why should they not be?

The amount of love and affection they shower on us is immeasurable!

But, loving a pet doesn’t really mean we should let them do what they want.

Just like toddlers, pets need to be taught about the difference between good and bad behaviors.

So, if you also want to train your pet in the best way possible, keep reading as we give you the 6 best tips for encouraging that positive pet behavior!

#1 Treats and Rewards

Treats and rewards are a common way of encouraging positive behaviors in pets.

Our pets don’t know whether they’re doing things right. They will rely on the owners to teach them.

So, when your pet does something good, and you give it a treat or any other reward, it will know it did the right thing.

Treats always make pets excited and help strengthen the bond with their owner.

And so, don’t forget to treat your dog at the right times!

#2 Use Short Commands

Short commands are words like ‘’catch’’, ‘’fetch’’, ‘’sit’’, ‘’stand’’, etc.

The owners use these words to train their dogs. If your pet responds to your commands quickly and follows them, you can reward it with a pat on the back or a yummy treat.

Dogs love to play with their owners, and short commands can encourage positive behavior and train them better.

The commanding behavior of the owners is also helpful in discouraging the dominant behavior in pets.

#3 Be Clear

If you reward your pet once for positive behavior and don’t do so when it repeats the behavior, how will it know whether it is right or wrong?

Be clear to your pet about all kinds of behavior and don’t forget to be consistent.

If you liked that your dog didn’t bark, reward it in the form of a treat.

It’s true that you cannot give too many treats to the dog, so a little pat on the back and some cuddles can make your pet happy!

#4 Don’t Be Too Strict

While most owners might prefer showing a grin on the face and punishing their pet if it won’t stop, it isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

Punishing is not the solution to stop negative behavior and encourage positive reinforcement. In fact, this behavior will make your pet afraid, scared and anxious.

In most cases, it will distance you from your pet, and the affectionate bond will break.

The best way to stop negative behavior in your pet is by using commands.

If it barks, say ‘’stop’’, and reward your pup if it follows the order.

In case your pet acts aggressively to seek attention, try ignoring it.

In this way, it will know that aggression isn’t the right thing to do to gain attention.

#5 Give Attention

Our pets are always craving our attention and love!

They feel happy and content when we spend time with them and cuddle them.

So, giving attention to your pet is also an excellent way of encouraging positive behavior.

Some owners may not know this, but ignorance from owners can make them feel neglected.

The result will be a change in behavior and in most cases, it can give rise to extreme aggression.

So, giving your pet the time and attention it needs is the solution here.

You can take them out for a walk daily and exercise them in the park.

You can also play with your dog in a park and teach it commands.

When your pet is active and getting all the attention, you will see positive changes in its behavior.

#6 Get Your Family Involved!

Pets may think that the rules are only confined to one person, and that’s the owner.

And so, they might behave differently in front of others, which is why it is a good idea to involve other family members in the training session and ask the pet to follow their instructions.

If it does, give it a nice treat!

This way, your pet will know it has to show good behavior in front of others.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your pet about the difference between good and bad can be hectic for some owners.

However, combining treats, cuddles and pat-pats will make you develop new levels of bonding with your beloved pet, which will ultimately lead to a more pleasant experience for both you, and your pet!

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